Lehigh Valley Health Network Writer Encourages Others to Donate Life

Lehigh Valley Health Network writer Gerard Migliore marked the 25th anniversary of his kidney transplant March 31. His kidney was donated by the family of a 19-year-old California woman, making the anniversary a day of many emotions, Migliore says. “I remember feeling desperate back in 1987. I had been on dialysis for almost six years and wondered if a transplant was ever going to happen. Then the call came. It felt like someone had tossed me a life preserver. At the same time, it was a very sad moment. I knew someone had died and a family was grieving. I’m here today because that family chose to think of others at a time of terrible loss. As grateful as I am, I’ve spoken to many donor families and, amazingly, they say they are equally grateful to meet me. Seeing transplant recipients live productive lives brings them peace and a sense of purpose. If you haven’t signed up to be an organ donor, please talk it over with your family. A few moments now can make a difference in so many lives.” April is National Donate Life Month, which raises awareness about the critical shortage of organs for transplant. Learn more about organ donation through the health network’s Transplant Center or the Gift of Life Donor Program.