Is it Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy?


You’re a woman who loves to work out and stay in shape. However, you’ve recently discovered you’re pregnant. Is it wise to maintain your commitment to fitness as you prepare to give birth?

“I think it’s always important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially as you go through one of life’s milestones such as the birth of a child,” says Lehigh Valley Health Network obstetrician/gynecologist Hai-yen Nguyen, MD, of LVPG Obstetrics and Gynecology–Fogelsville. “Exercise can be beneficial and safe under the guidance of a doctor in order to ensure that what you’re doing is healthy for both you and your baby.” Read More »

Do You Know Cancer’s Warning Signs?

16087_Healthy-You-Tip-Adam-KotklewiczThrough the years, you tend to develop a working knowledge of the warning signs of many illnesses either from your own experience or through the experience of others. You start sneezing and have a runny nose, you’ll probably think you’re getting a cold or having allergy problems. If you experience chest tightness or a shortness of breath, you know it might mean a heart attack.

Cancer has some classic warning signs as well, but a recent study indicated that many people either don’t know about them or simply choose to ignore them. That study was conducted in England and focused on 1,700 people age 50 and older, asking them if they had experienced certain symptoms in the previous three months. If they responded yes to any of the symptoms, they were asked to list a possible cause and then add if they considered the symptom serious enough to consult a doctor. Read More »

Strengthen Your Core, but Don’t Hurt Your Back

Updated GraphicStrengthening your core – the muscles of the trunk that surround and stabilize the spine – helps you prevent exercise-related injuries. But if you aren’t doing those exercises properly, you can create new problems, says Jeffery Smee, DC, a chiropractor with LVPG Chiropractic Medicine–1243 Cedar Crest. “Popular media have led us to desire ‘six-pack abs,’” he says. “However the common approach to obtain this physique is unrealistic and potentially puts your body, and specifically your back, in harm’s way.” Read More »

8 Things to Know Before You Have Surgery

16085_Healthy-You-Tip-Greg-BruskoYou need surgery. Even if a doctor has told you it’s a “minor” procedure, it doesn’t feel very minor because it’s going to happen to you. So how do you prepare for your procedure?

“People frequently come into our office with preconceived ideas,” says Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) general surgeon Gregory Brusko, DO, with LVPG General Surgery-Muhlenberg. “I try to erase all that and start from scratch. At the end of the day, the patient and I will walk through what’s going to occur one step at a time.” Read More »

5 Tips to Make Your ER Visit Less Stressful

16082_Healthy-You-Tip-Stephen-FooskasNo one wants to think about a medical emergency, but it’s wise to be prepared should the unexpected happen. “There are things you can do to relieve your anxiety, and help your ER doctors and nurses care for you,” says Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) emergency medicine physician Stephen Fooskas, MD, with LVPG Emergency Medicine.

Here are five things you can do to get the most out of your ER visit: Read More »