Michael Evans, MD, Brings Cancer Services to Hazleton Area – VIDEO

Lehigh Valley Hospital-Hazleton’s newest physician brings a new service to the Hazleton, Pa., community: cancer care. Michael Evans, MD, is a hematologist oncologist who is board-certified in hematology and internal medicine. He’s now seeing patients at LVPG Hematology Oncology-Alliance Drive.

Evans recently was a guest on The Sam Lesante Show, when he spoke with the host about his approach to diagnosing and treating cancer. The television program is produced by SSPTV in Hazleton.

“I like to help people who really need a lot of help,” he said, adding that being a good listener, understanding people and being able to explain things to them are important strengths of a hematologist oncologist beyond understanding the disease and treatment options.

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Gynecologic Oncologist Richard Boulay, MD, Discusses Cancer in Lehigh River TEDx Talk – VIDEO

On Sept. 27, Lehigh Valley Health Network gynecologic oncologist Richard Boulay, MD, with Gynecologic Oncology Specialists, offered a presentation entitled “Cancerism: Confronting the biases we share” during a TEDx Lehigh River event at Miller Symphony Hall in Allentown.

TEDx events are live presentations sponsored by TED, a nonprofit started in 1984 that is devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. Originally devoted to Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED), it now covers virtually all topics. Independently-run TEDx events, such as the recent TEDx Lehigh River event, are offered in communities around the world.

Boulay was one of eight speakers. He offered the following summary of his discussion:

“As cancer care providers, we see the fear and trepidation with which our patients begin their cancer journey,” Boulay says. “Much of their concerns are outdated and biased by and accumulation of negative stereotypes with which we view all things cancer. My talk discusses the harms which are caused by these biases, rather than the disease itself.”

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Have Balance in Diet and Exercise

Find balance like The Karate KidIn the iconic 1984 movie “The Karate Kid,” Mr. Miyagi preaches about the importance of balance. “Lesson not just karate only; lesson for whole life,” Mr. Miyagi says. “Whole life have balance; everything be better.”

The balance lesson also applies when it comes to diet and exercise. Here’s a tip on achieving balance from Lehigh Valley Health Network surgical oncologist Jeffrey Brodsky, MD, with Lehigh Valley Surgical Oncology.

“On weekdays, go for a walk every day and eat healthy foods,” he says. “On weekends, use your extra free time to do a more rigorous workout, and then treat yourself at mealtime.” Balance such as this can help you manage your weight, feel healthier and live happier. Read More »

Maged Khalil, MD: Personal Experience Inspires Caring Approach to Cancer Care – VIDEO

Maged Khalil, MD, was inspired to become a doctor by the physicians who supported his family medically and emotionally when his sister died of complications of surgery.

Now, as a hematologist oncologist with Lehigh Valley Health Network, he treats his patients as partners. “Through the process I try to educate and coach the patient and be more of a friend, not just a scientist,” he says.

Khalil sees patients at Hematology-Oncology Associates. He is board-certified in medical oncology and internal medicine.

Get to know him with this video.

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