18:49 PM

A Reason to be Grateful: Zero COVID-19 Patients on Ventilators

There’s a first time for everything. Now, for the first time since March 14, you won’t find a single ventilated patient with COVID-19 in any Lehigh Valley Health Network hospital today.

For the last 160 days, physicians, advanced practice clinicians, respiratory therapists, nurses and many others have selflessly cared for our sickest community members. Now, you can take a deep breath knowing that, in this moment, there are zero patients with COVID-19 on medical ventilators at LVHN.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought so much to the forefront of our minds. We’ve been worried, fearful, uncertain and even hopeful, determined and resilient. Behind it all are the courageous heroes who continue to heal, comfort and care for our community with compassion and expertise. We know the fight is not over, and we are prepared for what's to come. However, we can all take a moment today to celebrate our incredible intensive care unit (ICU) teams, and be grateful for how far we’ve come.