15:49 PM

A Short Road to Recovery

Having a hysterectomy just became a lot less invasive and a lot more tolerable for women in the Greater Hazleton area, thanks to Jill Snyder, DO, an obstetrician and gynecologist with LVPG Obstetrics and Gynecology. At Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Hazleton, Snyder performs hysterectomies using a robotic surgery system which requires a few small incisions, a small camera and a remote console.

“Robotic surgery is a very precise surgery and ideal for hysterectomy. We perform the actual surgery robotically, and then we remove the uterus through the patient’s vagina,” Snyder says. “Most patients are able to go home the same day as the surgery, so it’s a much quicker recovery time.”

Utilizing the da Vinci® Si™ robotic surgery system, Snyder has performed robotic hysterectomies at LVH–Hazleton since January, and explains that the benefits of robotic surgery go even beyond recovery time.

“Because the incisions are so tiny and we don’t have to make a large incision through skin or muscle as with traditional hysterectomy, there is less pain and therefore less need for pain medication,” Snyder says. “We utilize non-narcotic prescription pain medication, a great option for patients concerned with opioid dependence.”

While robotic hysterectomies are not replacing all hysterectomies, robotic surgery is an excellent option for women who have not had a lot of abdominal surgeries or cesarean births. Snyder encourages women to ask if robotic surgery might be a good fit, especially since this surgical option is now available so close to home.

“Most people think new technology is confined to metropolitan areas like New York and Philadelphia, but it’s not. Our patients can choose to have this procedure done right here in Hazleton, receive care from nurses and hospital staff from their community, and go home the same day,” Snyder says. “It’s amazing to bring this kind of technology to a smaller town setting, where we can keep that hometown feel.”