14:26 PM

A Special Salute to LVHN Colleagues From Our Community Advocates

Dear LVHN colleagues,

You may not know us, but we know you – and we appreciate all you do.

On behalf of the more than 300 members of LVHN Board of Associates, thank you for your amazing service to take care of our communities. We recognize and value the extraordinary efforts LVHN employees have made to aid people and ensure their safety and care.

We know this because we serve as advocates and ambassadors for Lehigh Valley Health Network in the Lehigh Valley, Hazleton, Pocono and Schuylkill communities. We’re a diverse group of engaged people -- community leaders, volunteers, Auxiliary members, grateful patients, retired health care workers, business partners and donors – who share a mutual interest in the health of our communities.

With the support of LVHN leaders, we partner and engage in conversation about health care in our respective communities. We’re informed about the network’s efforts to provide high-quality patient care and services that we then share with our family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors; we also channel their feedback to LVHN.

Our member programming and engagement efforts may be on hold for now, but we continue to support and share the wonderful work you do to care for and keep us safe.

LVHN Board of Associates is extremely proud of Lehigh Valley Health Network employees and your service to our communities. Please continue to stay safe and take care of yourselves while you care for others.

Sybil F. Stershic


LVHN Board of Associates

Learn more about LVHN Board of Associates at LVHN.org/boardofassociates.