12:35 PM

CEO Update Video: Redesigning the Patient Experience


Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, LVHN has been a leader and partner. Now, LVHN is leading the way again by designing what will be the new normal in health care. In this week’s update, LVHN President and Chief Executive Officer Brian Nester, DO, MBA, FACOEP, discusses what LVHN is doing to reintroduce the health care services patients need with a heightened focus on safety and convenience.


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, LVHN has been a leader and partner. We quickly set up Assess and Test locations and transformed into a digital health network. Through it all, the safety of our patients and colleagues has always been our top priority.

While we continually remind people to stay home to stay safe, we know that many people are putting their health on hold while doing so. In fact, many people are postponing care because they’re afraid they will contract the virus in our hospitals and facilities. As our community’s health care partner, we cannot allow that to happen.

It is time for us to lead the way again. To set the wheels in motion, we formed the Emergency Recovery Operations Council, or EROC. Members of this team bring a network view to the recovery process and are working with clinical teams across our organization to make things happen. EROC is ensuring everything is in place to provide the services people need and they’re doing so with a heightened focus on safety and convenience.

As we recover, we are given an exciting opportunity to design what will be the new normal in health care. For added convenience, we will offer expanded hours, including weekends, for select services. To sharpen our focus on safety, we will redesign the patient experience by putting progressive processes in place that support social distancing and reduce wait and face-to-face time during in-person encounters. In our operating rooms, emergency departments and other locations, we also will provide visual cues that affirm every possible step was taken to make it a COVID-safe environment. I will keep you updated as our recovery plan kicks into gear.

As an LVHN colleague, you know that safety and cleanliness are a priority in all our facilities. Going forward we must show our patients that everything possible is being done to ensure their safety.

That’s what a health care partner should do, and it is what we will do.

Health systems across the nation are facing significant financial challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. LVHN is not immune to these challenges, and I addressed them in my email message to colleagues on April 27. To overcome these economic challenges, it’s essential that we implement smart tactics to deliver the safe and convenient care patients need, expect and deserve. Thanks to the work of EROC and with your partnership, I’m confident we will recover from this crisis and “heal, comfort and care” for generations to come.