12:46 PM

CEO Update Video: Stop the Wave

What can you do to help stop a second wave of COVID-19? LVHN President and Chief Executive Officer Brian Nester, DO, MBA, FACOEP, explains how you can help and shares data that shows the virus is still with us. Watch the video or read the transcript below and help stop the wave.


Summer is here. You're getting outside. Restaurants and businesses are opening. You're interacting with more people. Things feel like they are returning to normal.

However, we can't act as though things are back to normal just yet. To prevent a second wave of COVID-19, we must be diligent. The data shows if we work together, we can avoid a second wave.

Let's look at this graph and note the green line that shows the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients at LVHN. Even as people are getting out more, the number of hospitalized patients at LVHN has continued to decline. That's great news, but the decline is slightly above what we projected.

This is why we must remain diligent. This graph reminds us that COVID-19 is still here. We all have a responsibility to do the right things to keep each other safe and overcome this pandemic. Here is what each of us needs to do.

Wear a mask when you are in public. Remember, wearing a mask not only protects you, it also protects those around you if you have the virus without experiencing symptoms. 

Avoid crowds and create distance between yourself and others when possible. As more people are out and about, it's more difficult to practice social distancing, but it is essential. In the park, grocery store or wherever you are, do everything you can to maintain six feet between other people.

Wash your hands frequently and remember to clean commonly touched surfaces regularly.

Finally, if you have any symptoms of illness, stay home.

Just because the map shows we're in the green does not mean we're in the clear. As a community, we must continue to do the right things and, together, we will stop the wave.