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Checklists for Safe Travels

Before bon voyage, understand your health risks and travel needs

There’s nothing like getting away from it all, but it’s even better to prepare for that trip if your travels put you at risk for acquiring an illness-causing bug. The team at Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Travel Medicine office specializes in knowing the health risks you could face traveling here in the U.S. or across the globe. You can receive advice about immunizations you need, get those immunizations, as well as the documentation some countries require.

Exotic trip on the horizon? Make a date with Travel Medicine first. Then prepare for your great adventure in good health with this helpful checklist:

What could make me sick?

⇨ Insects
⇨ Animals
⇨ Humans
⇨ Water
⇨ Food

What vaccinations might I need?

⇨ Hepatitis
⇨ Typhoid
⇨ Yellow Fever
⇨ Rabies
⇨ Cholera
⇨ Meningitis
⇨ Tetanus
⇨ Diphtheria
⇨ Measles

What pre-treatment might I need?

⇨ Anti-malaria treatment

What first aid should I bring?

⇨ Sunscreen
⇨ Tweezers
⇨ Scissors
⇨ Insect repellent
⇨ Antiseptic wipes
⇨ Thermometer
⇨ Pain reliever
⇨ Anti-diarrheal medication
⇨ Cough or cold medication

What documentation do I need?

⇨ Immunization records (Yellow Card)
⇨ General health/wellness document
⇨ Letter from health careprovider about prescription and/or over-the-counter medications
⇨ Health insurance
⇨ Supplemental health insurance
⇨ Evacuation insurance

Visit LVHN.org/Travel or call 888-402-LVHN to request an appointment.