11:06 AM

Coffee with Arielle: Connecting with Nature

Arielle Arbushites, MSW, is a licensed social worker and manager of support services for LVHN Home Care and Hospice.

In her video series, “Coffee with Arielle,” she offers tips and tools for emotional wellbeing and reminds us all that we’re in this together and we’re #LVHNCOVIDStrong.

During uncertain times, it’s important to connect to things that aren’t changing. One of those things is nature. It’s all around us and it’s nice to remember there’s grass beneath us, sky above us and trees all around us.

We can go outside for just a few moments and we can connect with what’s always here.

Learn what nature can do for the brain:

  1. Makes our behavior more mindful

  2. Helps us to reduce anxiety

  3. Minimizes brooding

  4. Reduces stress

  5. Increases our attention capacity

  6. Increases our creativity

  7. Improves our ability to connect with others

Thank you for all that you do. Until next time…

Much love and wash your hands,



To watch past "Coffee with Arielle" episodes, visit LVHN.org/COVIDSTRONG.