11:31 AM

Coffee with Arielle: Press the Pause Button

Arielle Arbushites, MSW, is a licensed social worker and manager of support services for LVHN Home Care and Hospice.

In her video series, “Coffee with Arielle,” she offers tips and tools for emotional wellbeing and reminds us all that we’re in this together and we’re #LVHNCOVIDStrong.

Do you know what it means to take a break? If so, do you take at least one each day?

Taking a break is like pressing the pause button on the busyness of our day and the racing thoughts in our heads. We often forget to prioritize our own self-care the way we would our jobs, colleagues, loved ones and other commitments.

In this week’s video, I talk about the importance of pressing pause during your day in order to avoid physical and emotional burnout and to be the best version of yourself possible. Just because you are doing more, doesn't mean you are doing better. 

Take this moment to hit pause on your day and play on this week's video.

Thank you for all that you do. Until next time…

Much love and wash your hands,



For more tips and tools on emotional wellbeing, please visit LVHN.org/COVIDSTRONG.