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Coffee with Arielle: The Part of the Iceberg You Don't See

Arielle Arbushites, MSW, is a licensed social worker and manager of support services for LVHN Home Care and Hospice.

In her video series, “Coffee with Arielle,” she offers tips and tools for emotional wellbeing and reminds us all that we’re in this together and we’re #LVHNCOVIDStrong.

What do we see when we look at each other?

Remember, everyone is dealing with not only their professional life but also their personal life. There are a lot of layers that we may not see. Oftentimes, we only see the tip of the iceberg. We only know what people share with us or what we observe ourselves.

Many of us have complex personal lives and while it may not impact our job performance, the struggle can be very real below the surface. We all have pieces of ourselves that we don’t show the world, and that’s okay.

This may be a tough year for a lot of people, including ourselves. Recognizing that with love, support and understanding is the absolute best thing we can do.

Thank you for all that you do. Until next time…

Much love and wash your hands,



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