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COVID-19 Vaccines Now Available to Firefighters, Police, National Guard and Protective Services Personnel


Firefighters, police, National Guard and protective services personnel can now receive a COVID-19 vaccine at Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Cedar Crest, LVH–Muhlenberg, LVH-Hazleton, LVH–Schuylkill or LVH–Pocono. The LVHN plan for administering COVID-19 vaccines is determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s phased approach to vaccination. In order to receive your vaccination, take these three steps.

*At this time, LVHN is only scheduling vaccination for individuals age 18 and older. LVHN is continuing to vaccinate health care workers and other groups listed in Phase 1A of the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s phased approach to vaccination.

Sign up for MyLVHN

Sign in to MyLVHN

Need help setting up a MyLVHN account? Call 888-402-LVHN (5846)

Step 1: Sign up for MyLVHN
The first step is to create a MyLVHN account. Learn more at LVHN.org/MyLVHN. If you already have an account, make sure that your account settings are correct (Log in and click "Menu," "Account Settings," and then edit).

Step 2: Identify yourself as an essential worker
Once you’ve logged into MyLVHN click on the menu button and select “COVID-19 Essential Worker Questionnaire.”

Step 3: Make an appointment

Once you complete the form, you will be notified within TWO HOURS or less when you can schedule the date and location of your vaccination in MyLVHN. Vaccinations are offered at Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Cedar Crest, LVH–Muhlenberg, LVH-Hazleton, LVH–Schuylkill E. Norwegian Street and LVH–Pocono.

You also can schedule an appointment by calling 833-584-6283 (833-LVHN-CVD). 

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective

We are administering the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. While you will not be able to choose which vaccine you will receive, both have been proven safe and effective. After providing two months of safety from ongoing Phase 3 trials, Pfizer and Moderna were granted Emergency Use Authorization by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Data show that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is 95 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 while Moderna’s vaccine has shown to be 94.5 percent effective.

Additional COVID-19 vaccine information

* Vaccine supply is dependent on shipments from the State of Pennsylvania.

For more information about COVID-19 vaccinations, visit LVHN.org/vaccines.