Lehigh Valley, Pa.,
18:00 PM

E-Visits and Video Visits Now Available for LVHN Rehab Patients

Technology innovations at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) are making care more convenient during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. In the latest effort to utilize secure technology for care, LVHN Rehabilitation Services is introducing E-visits and LVHN Video Visits for rehabilitation patients. These offerings follow the recent establishment of consolidated sites of service for LVHN Rehabilitation Services to limit potential COVID-19 exposure to patients, staff and community.

E-Visits are offered through the patient portal, MyLVHN. These convenient and secure email visits will provide current patients of LVHN Rehabilitation Services the opportunity to seek medical advice on techniques to manage injury-related symptoms while at home or seek guidance on their home exercise program. All physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy E-Visits will be answered by a licensed rehabilitation provider.

Patients will be able to initiate an E-Visit through their MyLVHN account – either by selecting the E-Visits icon found on the MyLVHN app, or if on MyLVHN.org, by scrolling to “Quick Links” and selecting “Schedule an E-Visit.” An interactive questionnaire will ask questions relevant to the patient’s care and allow the patient to ask questions to their rehab team.

LVHN Rehabilitation Services also now offers scheduled LVHN Video Visits. Current patients who could benefit from a video visit will be contacted by a member of LVHN Rehabilitation Services and scheduled for their video visit appointment. These selected patients will access their LVHN Video Visit appointment on the MyLVHN app, checking in for the video visit by pressing the My Appointments icon.

LVHN Video Visits are a type of telehealth care offered by LVHN for people who have MyLVHN accounts. Using a video-enabled smart device and the MyLVHN app, an individual can have a virtual face to face appointment with an LVHN health care provider for several video visit types, including the popular ExpressCARE Video Visits for minor illness and injury care.

LVHN has offered MyLVHN since 2015. More than 354,000 people use MyLVHN to manage their care, review test results, have LVHN Video Visits, E-Visits, send secure messages to their health care providers and more. Learn more at LVHN.org/MyLVHN.

For information and updates related to coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit LVHN.org/COVID19.