09:51 AM

EASE Launched at LVH–Hazleton to Support Patients’ Families During Surgeries

Waiting to hear how a surgical patient is doing is now easier at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Hazleton. In collaboration with perioperative services at LVHN, a new mobile tool was introduced in June to improve communication with families of surgical patients. This tool – called electronic access to surgical events, or EASE for short – is HIPAA compliant, modernizes hospital communication, reduces family anxiety and improves the patient/family experience.

Using a secure smartphone application downloaded from either Apple’s App Store or Google Play, a patient’s family or friends can receive real-time text messages on the status of the patient during surgery. An EASE code is generated and shared by the patient to any number of family members or friends, here or across the country. This significantly reduces family anxiety during long surgical procedures. Messages are deleted one minute after the messages are reviewed.

Initially, this technology was piloted at LVH–Hazleton for patients undergoing orthopedic, bariatric and robot-assisted surgeries. Due to the favorable response from patients and families, the program already has been expanded to include any surgeries longer than one hour.

Survey data for the period June 6-26, 2018, indicates the EASE application has been well received by patient families.

Patients shared the following comments about the LVHN EASE application experience:

  • “This was amazing. It saved time of staff repeatedly coming to update me, as well as eased my mind the entire operation. I am highly satisfied.”

  • “Everything about EASE is great.”

  • “I love this app. All my family members I added were updated including my husband, my mom and my dad that lives all the way in New York. My dad was able to work with ease knowing all updates of the surgery at all times. It’s like he was there. He really loved the app too. So did my husband and my mom. My husband was able to sit in the waiting room with ease knowing he’ll get automatic updates about my surgery, and my mom was able to take care of my daughter with ease while getting all updates of my surgery.”