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Eye Did It: My Permanent Eyeliner Experience

If you’re anything like me – a working 30-something with multiple (furry) babies at home – you relish every minute of your day. Waking up to a good hair day or a short line at Dunkin’ Donuts is cause for celebration. This is probably why the idea of permanent eyeliner always appealed to me. Anything to save time spent on my morning routine sounds terrific – except for one small caveat – it’s a tattoo. On my eyelid. Having a few tattoos already, that concept sent shivers down my spine.

It wasn’t until LVPG Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery–1243 Cedar Crest began offering permanent makeup that I seriously considered going through with it. After a free consultation with Emily Doster, a licensed medical esthetician, I felt confident in both her skills and the medical environment provided by an LVPG office. Emily explained that permanent eyeliner isn’t for everyone. If you wear dark, sharp lines or trendy shapes like a cat-eye, you probably wouldn’t be a good candidate. I had regularly worn a soft, natural line above my eye which is typically the end result from an eyelid tattoo.

Eyeliner day

On the morning of my procedure, Emily told me to do my makeup as I would regularly. This helps her tattoo the shape and color that I normally wear. I remember lying back, trying to relax over the buzz of the tattoo device starting up. Emily explained that she would put a numbing gel on top of my eyelid to get started. Once the skin was broke, she would put an even stronger numbing gel onto the open skin. I’m not going to lie to you, that first pass hurt – a lot. But it was quick and as promised, the second numbing gel really did the trick.

After about 15 minutes I only felt mild vibrations as she completed the process. When finished, I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw in the mirror. Sure, it looked like I was crying for the last hour, but I wasn’t overly puffy or red. We went over some easy after-care instructions, and off I went, back to work for the remainder of the day. If I hadn’t been telling everyone to “Check out my eyes!” no one would have known the difference. Six weeks later I returned for my follow-up with Emily. In order to get the best definition on the delicate skin above your eye, two procedures are needed. The second visit was very similar to the first and wrapped up in about an hour.

pictureSaving 3,000 minutes,
give or take... 

It’s been four months since I had permanent eyeliner applied. I figure I’ve saved about 3,000 minutes getting ready in the mornings. Even on weekends when I go makeup free, I always have nice smooth eyeliner that prevents me from (in my opinion) looking like a zombie. Despite the name, permanent eyeliner will eventually fade. How long it will last depends on your skin and lifestyle – sun exposure and swimming in chlorinated pools may cause the ink to fade faster. Annual touch-ups are recommended to keep it looking fresh. Emily now offers many permanent makeup solutions, including eyeliner, brows and lips. I’m already considering how much time I’d save without having to apply lipstick.

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