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Eyebrow Wow!

Saving time on your eyebrow beauty routine is as easy as this

Anthropologists believe the main function of the eyebrow is to guard the eye from sweat droplets and other eye-irritating matter. Artists, psychologists and even poker players know brows play a starring role in facial expressions. But beyond their practical functions, brows have become a key feature of beauty for many people.

“Creating the perfect eyebrow is often a daily task – brow pencils, tweezers, tints and powders,” says Emily Doster, medical esthetician with LVPG Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. “Permanent makeup is a solution that not only repairs damaged, overtweezed brows, it also serves as a huge timesaver for those of us who can’t dedicate time every day to our eyebrows.”

Creating no-smudge eyebrows

This permanent tattoo technique creates the appearance of hair in the brow line. Eyebrows are tattooed and/or micro-bladed in place to whatever fullness you prefer. Size, shape and color are determined and agreed upon by both patient and provider. After the procedure there’s no need for additional makeup. You can swim, sweat and wipe off your face without having to worry about them smearing, smudging or coming off.

“It’s something that originated to provide eyebrows for people who had lost their eyebrows due to medication or disease such as chemotherapy patients and people with alopecia,” Doster says. “Through the years, the technique has been perfected and become very popular.”

A (mostly) permanent solution

Following an initial consultation to determine client preferences, eyebrows are put in place over two sessions. The first lasts from two to four hours and includes the tattooing process and/or micro-blading of color to give the brow fullness. After about six weeks of healing, clients return for a touch-up to ensure color and fullness are correct.

“We instruct women on eyebrow care during the healing process,” she says. “There are a few things to avoid – chemical peels, spending a lot of time in the sun without sunscreen or in chlorinated water.”

Permanent makeup requires occasional touch-ups, Doster says. “Depending on your complexion and how well you care for your brows, a touch-up is only needed once a year, sometimes less.”

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