18:52 PM

Fact vs. Myth: Rubber Gloves


Since COVID-19 (coronavirus) is so new and there’s conflicting information being spread, we are starting a new fact-vs.-myth series. We’ll take common misconceptions about COVID-19 and dispel the myths. So, let’s get started.

Rubber Gloves and COVID-19

Rubber gloves are used in a clinical setting to help prevent the spread of infection. They help providers keep their hands clean when exposed to another person’s bodily fluids. Once the gloves are contaminated, providers dispose of them. Rubber gloves play an important role in the medical world, and, because of this, many people think the best way to protect themselves from COVID-19 is with gloves. But, that’s not the case. Here’s why.

You can still pick up COVID-19 contamination on rubber gloves. If you touch your face, the contamination goes from your glove to your face and can infect you. The best things you can do for your health are to avoid touching your face and to regularly wash your bare hands.

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