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Female Urologist Maria Voznesensky, MD, Joins LVPG Urology

Urologist Maria Voznesensky, MD, recently joined LVPG Urology–1250 Cedar Crest. Voznesensky is one of the few female urologists in the United States, and the first focused on adult care at Lehigh Valley Health Network. (Our first female urologist: pediatric urologist Michele Clement, MD, who corrects urologic problems experienced by children.)

Voznesensky says selecting urology as her specialty was inspired by both the chance to help patients and to use leading-edge technology for delicate surgeries. “Urology has been at the forefront using new devices and techniques, such as robotically assisted surgery. The field is constantly advancing forward, and there is opportunity for lifelong learning.”

For men or women dealing with quality-of-life issues like urinary leakage or bladder prolapse, Voznesensky is focused on offering treatment options that fit their goals. “The most rewarding part is seeing patients after I’ve done their procedure and hearing they are happy with their results. Knowing I’ve helped resolve their symptoms and made a difference is very rewarding,” she says.