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Gamma Knife Icon offers multiple advantages over other radiosurgery treatments

The Gamma Knife® Icon™ is one of the most accurate, powerful and effective non-surgical treatments for patients with malignant and benign brain conditions. Unlike other radiosurgery options, it was designed specifically for treating issues inside the brain, including cancerous tumors and non-cancerous conditions like trigeminal neuralgia, acoustic neuromas and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). Other stereotactic treatments are less specialized and doctors often use them for conditions throughout the body.

“The goal of radiosurgery is to deliver enough radiation to treat a disorder while doing as little harm as possible to surrounding normal tissue,” says radiation oncologist Robert Prosnitz, MD, MPH, of Allentown Radiation Oncology Associates at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Cedar Crest. “In that regard, Gamma Knife is superior to other stereotactic approaches for treating brain conditions. The Gamma Knife delivers treatment with unrivaled accuracy (an average of 0.15 mm) and superior dose conformity – a measure of how rapidly the radiation dose falls off with distance from the target. This allows us to target areas close to critical structures, such as the brain stem and optic nerves.”

Here are additional advantages of the Gamma Knife Icon:

Only one treatment needed. Gamma Knife sessions are painless and typically last 15-60 minutes, based on the condition being treated, with minimal side effects. That means you go home the same day and return to your normal routine. Other stereotactic treatments typically require multiple sessions performed over several days.

Comfortable frameless option available. Many patients can now be treated using a thermoplastic face mask that works with a real-time optical motion detector instead of wearing an attached headframe (which is still required for patients with certain conditions and those needing treatment near sensitive brain areas).

Long track record of effectiveness. “The Gamma Knife has been tested worldwide for over 25 years—longer than any other radiosurgery technique,” Prosnitz says. “It’s been offered at Lehigh Valley Health Network since 2004 and really is the ‘gold standard’ for brain radiosurgery.”

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