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Get the Care Your Child Needs During COVID-19


Staying up to date on vaccines and regular checkups is essential for your child’s overall health – even during a pandemic. At Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital, we want you to feel comfortable bringing your child in for your appointment. From one parent to another, Tori Zuck of Easton, PA says you do not need to be afraid to keep or make your child’s appointment.

Concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19) didn’t stop Tori from coming in for her son Dylan’s annual well-visit at LVPG Pediatrics–Center Valley. Given the safety precautions in place, she decided to keep Dylan’s appointment as scheduled.

Like many of us, the Zuck family sheltered-in-place after the shocking spring coronavirus outbreak. “Since we hadn’t been out at all, I was concerned about exposure to new things that our bodies hadn’t encountered for a while. But I had full faith that the office would be cleaned and sanitized. I was confident in that,” Tori says.

New protocols, same team

Tori and Dylan were met by LVPG staff in the lobby before coming into the office. “We were screened in the lobby so that immediately eased any fears that I had because I knew that if there was anyone who was exhibiting symptoms that they wouldn't have even been permitted to enter the office,” she says.

Both noticed that the waiting room had less chairs to support social distancing. "They are amazing at always getting us in and out, but this time was especially quick. We got out of our car and went in right to the exam room which was great,” Tori says.

Even with many new safety protocols in place, the LVPG Pediatrics–Center Valley team greeted Tori and Dylan like usual. “It was still a very friendly feeling. Although we couldn't see people's smiles, you could tell they were smiling behind their masks,” Tori says. She and Dylan wore their masks and were glad to see that the staff and providers also had on their personal protective equipment (PPE). "It was a good experience because the doctors were wearing masks, and they had their gloves on. Plus, they were washing their hands when they didn't have their gloves on," Dylan says.

The care you trust

Back when Tori was pregnant with Dylan, her colleagues referred her to the Center Valley office for pediatric care. She was impressed with the friendly staff, providers and cleanliness while touring the office. The day after Tori and her husband brought Dylan home from the hospital was his first appointment with Amy Jibilian, MD. “It was a great match from day one. She matched our philosophy of pediatric care, so we felt confident from the very beginning,” Tori says.

That confidence and trust in care rings true today. “Dr. Jibilian came in like nothing had changed at Dylan’s recent well-visit. She was like she had always been so that was a really good aspect of the appointment,” Tori says.

Advice for parents

If Tori could share one piece of advice with other parents, it’s this: Do not be afraid to keep your appointment as scheduled for your child. “There's so many preventative measures occurring across the board from receiving a phone call with a detailed outline of what to expect to waiting in the car so that you're eliminating that amount of time that you're in the waiting room to being greeted and having temperature checks,” she says.


Keeping up to date on vaccines and regular checkups is important for your child’s overall health. To schedule your child’s appointment, call 888-402-LVHN or visit LVHN.org/children.