13:38 PM

Giving You Access to Care

When you need health care, you want it at a convenient time that fits your busy life. That’s why LVHN is committed to giving you access to the care you need when you need it.

The team from LVPG Family Medicine–Hamburg, for example, is focused on giving you access to care. In May, they were able to see 61 percent of new patients within seven days. They knew they could do better. Here’s what they did:

  • “Outside the box” scheduling – Depending on their needs, patients are scheduled to see a provider for either 40 or 20 minutes. By reviewing patient schedules weeks in advance, the practice team identifies which patients do not need to be seen for 40 minutes because they are coming in for a routine follow-up appointment. This frees up blocks of time for new or sick patients to be seen.

  • Helping nurses help you – Registered nurses are skilled health care professionals with the knowledge and experience to give you quality care. The practice empowers its nurses to make the care decisions they are qualified to make without having to consult a physician. This helps the practice run more efficiently and ensures you receive the care you need quicker.

  • Detailed documentation – All your care is documented in your medical records. Caregivers at this practice are providing detailed notes that include rationale for treatment. When a patient calls with a question, staff members are able to review the patient’s medical record and provide an answer without having to ask a provider. That saves you time.

Did their focus on access work? Yep. In January, the practice saw 92 percent of new patients within seven days. That’s giving you the care you need when you need it.