Lehigh Valley, Pa.,
11:44 AM

Health Records on iPhone Now Available to LVHN Patients

Lehigh Valley, Pa. (July 17, 2018) - If you use an Apple iPhone, there’s a new way for you and other LVHN patients to track your personal health information. Apple’s Health app is now configured to consolidate all your health information from one or more patient portal systems – such as MyLVHN – into its app.

If you have an iPhone, you can download your MyLVHN patient portal data through the Health app in iOS. You are able to access all your healthy living stats in one place from fitness, nutrition, sleep patterns and body measurements to information from your MyLVHN account such as lab results, immunizations, allergies and medication. While Apple’s Health app helps give you a full picture of your health, you still need to visit MyLVHN to interact with your doctor, including sending messages, scheduling appointments and refilling prescriptions.

For LVHN colleague Chris Redmond, Apple’s Health app has helped him be more health conscious. The Tech Development and Support Manager has taken control of his health with the support of the app.

Redmond’s father, who died last September, had a heart attack when he was 42 years old. That resonated with Redmond,  when he was hospitalized in December with chest pain.

To better track his health after his scare, Redmond started consistently using the Apple Health app. “One thing I like is I can see all my records at my fingertips,” he says. “This is awesome. It’s a one-stop shop.”

Here’s how you can get started

  • Open the Apple Health app and click “Health Data.”
  • Press “Get Started.” You will be offered suggested electronic health record systems based on your location. (This list is currently limited to beta partners.)
  • After you select LVHN, you will be prompted to log in to MyLVHN. (Or, if you select another participating patient portal, you will log in to that one.)
  • Next, you will need to give permission to Apple to access your account.
  • After that, your health information, including immunizations, lab results and even your proxy accounts, will be available to you on Apple Health.

Cool Apple Health extras

  • The Apple Health app counts your steps and walking distance. Challenge yourself to boost your daily distance.
  • If you are looking to be healthier, the app will recommend and synch with other apps that will help you achieve your wellness goals in the areas of fitness, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness.