Lehigh Valley, Pa.,
13:04 PM

Hospice House of Monroe County Will Resume Inpatient Care

Timeline for resumption dependent upon regulatory approvals and staffing

East Stroudsburg, Pa. (Jan. 16, 2019) – Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)−Pocono and representatives of the Advisory Committee of community members, chaired by Mark Primrose, Esquire, who formed to assess the future of the Hospice House and hospice services in Monroe County announced today that inpatient hospice care will resume at the House. The service will return to the facility at 412 E. Brown St. in East Stroudsburg depending on regulatory approvals from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and how quickly staff can be hired.

“The Advisory Committee recommends reopening Hospice House for inpatient services with a three year commitment of philanthropic support and financial growth from additional community members using the service,” said Elizabeth Wise, President, LVH−Pocono.

The Advisory Committee was announced in May and given 90-days to explore options related to the Hospice House and the hospice program. Following the Committee’s recommendations, LVH-Pocono officials reviewed the suggestions and worked diligently with Committee members to determine clear steps that would make operation of the house viable both now and in the future.

“Much thought and consideration went into the initial decision to transition inpatient hospice services to LVH-Pocono, where we continue to provide quality care and compassion to our patients and their loved ones,” Wise said. “The attention about hospice care increased awareness and communication among in-hospital providers and gives us an opportunity to continue to grow the program for those who need it going forward. We remain committed to end-of-life care as we balance and reconcile the desires of the community with our organizational resources and the needs of all our patients.”

According to the Committee’s recommendations, the basic costs of reopening and renovations would be covered by LVH-Pocono. Multi-year philanthropic funding would support new beds, required equipment and some operating expenses. The Committee also recommends building referrals and increasing community awareness throughout Monroe County and northeast Pennsylvania.

Wise said going forward, Hospice House and hospice operations will continue to be scrutinized, with formal evaluations every six months and an intensive review at two years. She said financial viability and sustainability of Hospice House must be realized.

“The Advisory Committee and our community are committed to ensuring the long-term future of high-quality, inpatient care at Hospice House,” Primrose said. “We are grateful for the generous philanthropic support that will allow us to resume inpatient hospice services at the House and are confident this support will continue as we work with Lehigh Valley Hospital−Pocono to grow this important community asset.”

The Committee also announced that an open house for the community will be scheduled in the near future as the efforts to resume inpatient care at the Hospice House continue.

Hospice House has remained open since April for community activities. For example, LVH-Pocono hospice services has continued to support families at the house by establishing a Hospice bereavement and community support center. Community members and organizations have the opportunity to use the facility for spiritual, educational and other activities.