12:48 PM

How Physical Therapy Can Help Your Recovery

Whether you’re laid up from surgery or an injury, physical therapy can help you get back in the game.

“Physical therapy can help you recover faster,” says physical therapist Leanne J. Cramer, manager of rehabilitation services at Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Pocono.

A physical therapist tailors your exercise plan so it begins with the easiest movements, such as simply trying to stand on one foot. As you grow stronger, the therapist will increase workout time and add more advanced exercises, while adhering to any restrictions or guidelines recommended by your physician.

Whether it’s your neck, shoulder, back or knee, physical therapy (PT) can help you move freely again so you can do everything you’re used to without pain, including driving, gardening, playing sports, working and housecleaning.

Physical therapy can also help you regain and sharpen your sense of balance and coordination, which tends to diminish with age, and can target specific conditions, such as vertigo, Cramer says.

Treatments are hands-on, personalized and one-on-one in a controlled environment to help you rebuild strength and mobility and expedite independence. Think of it like going to the gym in a medically supervised setting. There’s homework too: “The exercises you do between PT sessions can help you heal faster and maintain the progress you’ve made,” Cramer says.

Make an appointment Physical therapists at LVH–Pocono work with people with sports injuries and neurological issues, including those who are recovering from a stroke or a cardiac event, as well as other issues. For physical therapy services, you will need a referral from your physician. To make an appointment, call 888-402-LVHN (5846).