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It’s Simple – They’re #LVHNProud Because They Love What They Do

Recently, LVHN was named a Best Workplace in Health Care and Biopharma by Fortune. Congratulations! To help us truly understand everything that makes LVHN a Great Place to Work for all – and to learn from each other – colleagues are sharing the things that make them #LVHNProud. For these colleagues, it’s simple: They loved what they do.

Victoria Bruni

Office Coordinator
Coordinated Health
Colleague since 2016

Why I’m #LVHNProud: Personal Growth 

When Victoria Bruni looks back on her LVHN career, she’s amazed. Already, she has learned so much. She came to LVHN as a patient service representative at LVPG Family Medicine–Whitehall. Then, she took advantage of LVHN’sColleague Concierge services, which provide career assessment and coaching to help you navigate your career path, determine next steps, transition to a new role and achieve your career goals. This service opened her eyes to just how different her LVHN experience was going to be.

“I have worked in entry level health care positions for the last 20 years and have never had my abilities recognized like this before,” Bruni says. “Here, my abilities are valued and I’m given opportunities to grow and be more than what I am. The ongoing support and guidance are phenomenal.”

Colleague Concierge services helped Bruni hone her skills through classes and professional development. “With Concierge services, you can pretty much go anywhere,” says Bruni, who recently transitioned to an Office Coordinator role at Coordinated Health. “It’s an excellent service and one of the things that make this a great place to work.”

The family-oriented environment in her department and collaboration between management and staff makes it hard for Bruni to picture working anywhere else. “When you are spending time away from your family at work, you want an atmosphere of family, and we have that here,” she says. “Our providers really care about the staff and their patients, and the open communication we have is key to creating a great work experience for me.”


Kelly Stivala, BSN

LVHN–Tilghman Post-Operative Unit
Colleague since 1985

Why I’m #LVHNProud: Our Work Family 

“In my first role as a med-surg trauma unit nurse, I quickly realized that if we didn’t work together, we weren’t going to be successful. Taking care of patients is a team effort. The nurses, managers, therapists, technical partners, housekeeping and dietary services – everyone here cares about the patients. No one is afraid to jump in and lend a hand.”


Judy Henriquez-Valerio, BSN

Manager, Enabling Services Department, Valley Health Partners
Colleague since 2006

Why I’m #LVHNProud: Connecting With the Latino Population

“I started in the health network as a technical partner on a medical-surgical floor with an amazing director and nurses who served as my mentors. I was soon able to take advantage of LVHN’s tuition reimbursement and nurse residency program to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. I will be continuing my education and pursing my MSN degree this fall. I really love the hands-on experience with our patients, providing them with the education and confidence they need to navigate the health care system. I am able to provide this care in the patient’s primary language which is most satisfying as I’m giving back and helping care for our Latino population and community. Witnessing our patients gain a better understand of their health care, make the right connections and improve their health are what I find most rewarding as a nurse.”


Katherine Velekei

Environment and Sustainability
Colleague since 2013

Why I’m #LVHNProud: I Get to Follow My Passion

“It’s costly to throw things away. People don’t always realize that. The fun part of my job is the waste education and sustainability projects we do to lessen the environmental footprint of the health network. I love seeing folks take the extra step in their day to recycle. We need to understand that what we are doing is for ourselves, our visitors, our future and our kids.”