Lehigh Valley, Pa.,
13:16 PM

Lehigh Valley Health Network is the First in the Region, One of 15 in the World, to Acquire the Latest Robotic Surgery Technology

da Vinci single port system provides additional benefits for patients

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) will be the first health care provider in the region and among just a few in the world to acquire the innovative da Vinci single port (SP) robotic surgery system. The SP is the latest robotic-assisted technology used by surgeons to perform minimally invasive urologic surgical procedures, including prostate cancer and kidney cancer, as approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The da Vinci SP system provides surgeons with robotic-assisted technology designed for deep and narrow access to tissue in the body. The ability to enter the body through a single, small incision helps surgeons perform more complex procedures.

“Surgeons only need to make a one-inch incision utilizing da Vinci SP, which may reduce pain, shorten the healing process, limit complications and get the patient back to work and other normal activities more quickly,” according to Angelo Baccala, LVHN’s Chief of Urology.

Baccala said this pioneering technology will further enhance LVHN’s urologic robotics program, part of the largest and most advanced robotics program in the region with at least one robot at six of LVHN’s hospital campuses. The arrival of the SP, expected next month, will boost the program to 10 robots with nearly 50 surgeons performing procedures in 11 specialties. LVHN’s program has performed more than 14,000 robotic procedures since 2008. LVHN becomes just the 15th health care provider in the world to offer urologic surgery using the da Vinci SP.

“This acquisition places Lehigh Valley Health Network’s robotic surgery program on the world stage,” said Martin Martino, MD, Gynecologic Oncology, Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute. “Acquiring the da Vinci SP further demonstrates our commitment to improve minimally invasive surgery with technology that can positively impact patient outcomes. In addition, it will further enhance our position as a training ground for clinicians around the country.”

The da Vinci SP is the fourth-generation da Vinci surgical device. The FDA approved da Vinci SP for urologic procedures in June 2018. It is anticipated that within the next year, the FDA will decide on the approval of the da Vinci SP for additional procedures, such as ear, nose and throat (ENT) and colorectal surgery.

The da Vinci surgical systems are designed to help surgeons perform minimally invasive surgery. Da Vinci systems are not programmed to perform surgery on their own. Instead, the procedure is performed entirely by a surgeon who controls the system. Da Vinci systems offer surgeons high-definition 3D vision, a magnified view, and robotic and computer assistance. They use specialized instrumentation, including a miniaturized surgical camera and wristed instruments (i.e., scissors, scalpels and forceps) that are designed to help with precise dissection and reconstruction deep inside the body.

For additional information about Lehigh Valley Health Network’s urology robotics department, visit LVHN.org/robotics.