East Stroudburg, Pa.,
11:40 AM

Lehigh Valley Hospital–Pocono Distributes Tourniquets and Training to Police Officers

The Trauma Department at Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Pocono distributed life-saving tourniquets and offered educational demonstration and instruction on proper use and application to local police officers.

Brent Schoenfeldt, MD, LVH–Pocono Emergency Department, provided hands-on instruction at Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department and explained a tourniquet should be applied within 30 seconds of a penetrating wound to stop blood loss as an individual can bleed to death within three to five minutes. As demonstrated by the U.S. military, the use of tourniquets for injuries to the blood vessels in the arms and legs has been shown to save lives.

“We want to support our local police departments and give them the equipment necessary to begin to stop the bleeding before they are transported to the Trauma Center. This is life-saving equipment that we hope they will never have to use, but if they need to we will all be ready,” said David Scaff, DO, FACS, Lehigh Valley Hospital Trauma Surgeon and the director of LVH-Pocono’s Trauma Program.

The tourniquets were donated through an endowment by the Pocono Foundation of $7,000. LVH-Pocono plans to distribute the remaining 200 tourniquets to additional police departments in the area and provide training.