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LVH–Hazleton’s First COVID-19 Extubated Patient Reunites with Family Amidst Cheers and Well Wishes from Staff.


Last Friday, Hazleton resident Miguela Altagra Collada was greeted by over 50 members of the hospital staff as they celebrated her exit from LVH–Hazleton and her bidding of farewell to coronavirus (COVID-19). Many of these health care professionals provided care that saved Collada’s life.

LVH–Hazleton colleagues lined the hallways and exit of the hospital, waving, cheering, and singing celebratory music as Collada made her way toward the hospital lobby and exit, where she was greeted by her family. She has not seen them for 19 days.

Collada felt sick at work and ended up admitted to the hospital the next day. Becoming increasingly ill, she was moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where she was placed on a ventilator for ten days. Showing signs of improvement, she was taken off the ventilator only to have a setback and placed back on for another few days. Two days after moving out of ICU, she now is at home with her son, Edward, and on the road to recovery with the assistance of Lehigh Valley Home Care–Hazleton.

Before existing the hospital, Collada gave praise to the Lord and the entire staff and said she feels excellent. “I felt like I was going to die,” says Collada, “but with prayer, excellent care and staff, I am going home.”

Watch this heartwarming moment on video.

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