Lehigh Valley, Pa.,
18:37 PM

LVHN Establishes Coronavirus (COVID-19) Patient Testing Centers Throughout the Region

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) remains vigilant as the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) evolves. The health network’s latest action as a leader in infection control and prevention is to immediately establish designated, stand-alone COVID-19 assessment and testing centers throughout the region.

“We are taking extraordinary steps to deliver the smart, comprehensive care people need through new ways to screen, assess and test,” said Brian Nester, DO, MBA, FACOEP, LVHN’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are reassuring the community that they can continue their routine and essential appointments and care while staying safe.”

At the same time, Nester is urging if someone has a doctor’s appointment or procedure already scheduled, keep it. LVHN hospitals and practices are operating as usual.

For those who think they have COVID-19 or may have been exposed to someone who does, stay home. LVHN is providing free COVID-19 screenings online and by phone. Call the MyLVHN Nurse Information line at 1-888-402-LVHN or complete an LVHN Video Visit by downloading the MyLVHN app.  We want to screen community members via these technologies so that they can remain in their own home and only need to leave if testing is needed. This screening helps reduce the spread of COVID-19, and it helps keep our doctors’ office open and available to provide other important care.

COVID-19 Assess and Test Locations

Nester says that during the screening, if LVHN’s medical professionals determine a patient has COVID-19 symptoms, they will be directed to one of LVHN’s eight standalone COVID-19 Assess and Test locations. Patients will qualify for a test ONLY if they have symptoms (fever, cough, and shortness of breath). The test detects active disease and cannot determine if a patient has been exposed. It is important tests are reserved for those who need them most.

You must receive guidance via the nurse line or video visit to be assessed and possibly tested. If you do not have insurance, you will receive a bill but you won’t be required to pay.

Health Network Labs manages and processes the tests, and results are available within four days. If you need care for another condition, you can continue to visit any other ExpressCARE location or Lehigh Valley Physician Group (LVHN) practice.

LVPG practices located near the Assess and Test locations have been relocated to help ensure the safety of our patients and colleagues. Here are the practices that have been temporarily relocated and their temporary locations.

Tips to protect yourself and your family

  • Keep your essential doctor appointments, tests, and procedures.
  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid large crowds.
  • Carefully consider your travel plans, and follow government travel guidelines.
  • Practice social distancing by staying at least six feet away from others. If you are over 80, this is especially important.

Other actions LVHN is taking to keep you safe

  • Temporary hospital visitation policy. If you are sick, please do not visit any of our LVHN hospitals. Children under age 12 are not permitted in the hospital to visit. We are asking that patients pre-identify two people who can visit while they are in the hospital.
  • Pre-surgery screening. We are screening all patients for scheduled surgery for COVID-19 the day before surgery. If the patient has symptoms and is deemed as possibly infected, we would reschedule their elective procedure so not to put them and others at risk.
  • Limiting nonclinical personnel in the hospital. This includes employees who are not located at our hospitals, vendors, consultants, and volunteers.

Stay up to date

Visit LVHN.org/COVID19 for ongoing updates.