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LVHN Receives National Recognition for Crisis Communications


Think back to March 11, 2020 – the day a pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization. What did you do to protect yourself and your family? Most people were hungry for more information and searching the internet to find answers to all their questions. What is the coronavirus? What should I do if someone in my family becomes sick? Should I wear a face mask?

On the other end of those Google searches were the communication teams of health networks across the country trying to provide timely answers about the virus, care and updates about their community’s health. Lehigh Valley Health Network’s communications not only met the community’s needs, they earned national recognition from PR Daily as Content Team of the Year and from PR News CSR for crisis communications.

"It takes collaboration between many teams to respond to a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Brian Nester, DO, MBA, LVHN President and CEO. “The LVHN marketing and public affairs team rose to the challenge. Every step of the way they kept our community informed about the coronavirus, virtual care and testing, all while reassuring them that LVHN was their trusted partner in health. To say that these awards are well deserved is an understatement.”


Communicating during the first 100 days of the pandemic

Quickly, LVHN responded to the crisis by reinventing virtual care and setting up dedicated COVID-19 testing centers. The communications team distributed this critical information while easing fears and uncertainty. Here are the steps LVHN took to keep our community up to date:

Community’s response

Data showed that LVHN’s efforts worked, and that people were listening:

  • LVHN.org and blog searches nearly doubled.

  • LVHN social media accounts had nearly 1 million engagements (likes, comments and shares).

  • LVHN-owned websites ranked No. 1 in Google for 210 search terms, some above CDC.

“I just want to thank you for all the positive Facebook updates, hard work, dedication, preparedness and overall amazing work your hospital, staff and public relations people are doing! You deserve the highest of praise – you truly have gone above and beyond,” said a community member through the LVHN.org feedback form.

Not done yet

The pandemic isn’t over, and this team is continuing to provide information related to COVID-19, new strains and vaccines. Here are some helpful links to keep you in the know.