16:51 PM

Making Rehab Child’s Play: LVHN Opens New Pediatric Rehab Center in Center Valley


Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) recently opened a new multi-disciplinary pediatric outpatient rehabilitation facility at 3800 Sierra Circle, Center Valley, and focuses on providing treatment for a wide range of diagnoses, including infant feeding disorders, developmental delay, pediatric concussion and pediatric orthopedic injuries. Services include pediatric physical therapy, pediatric occupational therapy and pediatric speech therapy.

The office is specially designed for children and features beanbag chairs, colorful foam mats and wedges, a pediatric treadmill (which is used to improve gait, coordination and physical endurance), a swing system to promote upper body strength and used as a calming/relaxation tool, and even a rock climbing wall for children to work on coordination, sequencing, and strength.

Shelley Spence, manager of outpatient rehabilitation at LVHN, says she is especially excited to offer our community an additional access point for pediatric rehabilitation services. “This location is designed specifically with the pediatric experience in mind, from a kid friendly color scheme, and the latest treatment technology, to clinical specialists with advanced training in a host of pediatric conditions,” she says. There is even a muck room to engage kids in messy play and a chalkboard wall to help children with their writing. “We really want to make physical therapy something they look forward to while also making sure it’s effective,” Spence says.

For more information on outpatient physical therapy at LVHN or to make an appointment, visit LVHN.org/pt.