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MedEvac Ambulances Will Provide Critical Care Transportation


When a patient needs critical care transportation, Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN)-MedEvac will provide it by air or by ground. Beginning Sunday (June 30), LVHN-MedEvac will begin 24/7 operation of two critical care ambulances. Staffed by LVHN clinicians, the ambulances will bring high-quality care to patients throughout our region in need of critical care.

People had an opportunity to tour and learn about the ambulances Thursday at the Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest helipad. “Ambulances will be staffed by a paramedic with education in critical care, a registered nurse (RN) with experience in critical care and an emergency medical technician (EMT) driver,” said Mike Wargo, LVHN administrator of emergency operations and public safety. “This is the same crew configuration that staffs MedEvac helicopters.”

Under a physician’s medical direction, members of the MedEvac team can administer medication and are qualified to perform procedures beyond what typical emergency medical service (EMS) crews can provide. LVHN-MedEvac paramedics and RNs are credentialed to provide care in a pre-hospital setting, hold advanced certifications in critical care, and have extensive experience working in the emergency room (ER) and intensive care units.

Clinicians with education and experience in pediatric critical care will care for children being transported to and from Lehigh Valley Children's Hospital. Women with a high-risk pregnancy will gain peace of mind knowing they are receiving care from a crew with experience in maternal fetal medicine during the ride to the hospital. When not transporting patients, MedEvac crew members will work in the health network’s ERsand critical care units to maintain their skill and proficiency in advanced critical care.

MedEvac ambulances will complement the quality service local EMS organizations already provide. It will allow local community ambulance companies to focus on responding to 911 emergencies and providing transportation between health care facilities to patients who do not need high level critical care.

LVHN-MedEvac is the region’s first critical care transport service. It has more than 32 years experience in transporting critically ill and injured patients by helicopter, and delivering LVHN care to the people of our community.