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Meet MAVRIC: Our Center for Veterans and Military Members

LVHN helps military members, veterans and their families navigate health care services.

The Dick and Peggy Fleming Military and Veteran Resource Information Center (MAVRIC), part of LVHN's Veteran Health Program (VHP), is a resource designed to provide guidance and navigation to current and former military members with service-connected illnesses or injuries. MAVRIC is located in the School of Nursing at 1628 W. Chew St. in Allentown.

MAVRIC: Here to serve

"In the Lehigh Valley, 8 percent of the population identifies themselves as military veterans," says Alexander Alex, acting director, VHP. "MAVRIC is here to help navigate and coordinate the care they need."

Knowledgeable staff members address individual health and family needs through a tailored care plan. Putting that plan into action requires an understanding of TRICARE, Veterans Health Administration, and related agencies - skills the MAVRIC team possesses. Beyond health care navigation, MAVRIC helps veterans connect with support groups and other social services in the community.

A legacy of honor

Established in 2017, through funding from the Fleming Foundation, MAVRIC was named in honor of World War II veteran Dick Fleming and his wife, Peggy, both longtime LVHN benefactors. MAVRIC has helped hundreds of veterans and their families receive the health benefits they have earned.

"We are here to serve people who have given their all to us," Alex says. "Thanks to support from the Fleming Foundation, we will continue to bridge gaps to help our military families get the care they need."

Learn more about MAVRIC and VHP. Visit LVHN.org/VHP