10:09 AM

Meet the LVHN Employee Who Gave Away a Year’s Worth of Pizza

Did you hear about the guy who won free pizza for a year in a Christmastime contest by a pizzeria in Northampton, and then gave it all away? You probably did, as it was big holiday news locally and found its way around the country through outlets such as CNN. It even got some media splash in England through the London Daily Telegraph.

What many people don’t know is Josh Katrick, also of Northampton, is a medical records clerk at LVPG Internal Medicine–Muhlenberg. This dedicated LVHN employee has been battling colon cancer and decided to donate his year’s worth of pizza to the Northampton Food Bank. He says he’s been getting so much support from family, friends and strangers in his effort to beat cancer, he was glad for the chance to give back.

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