12:00 PM

MyLVHN Spanish Now Live

More than 250,000 patients enjoy accessing their health information on MyLVHN, our popular patient portal. Until recently, all information on the portal has been in English. But now, a patient’s MyLVHN information can be viewed in Spanish, an option that is predicted to benefit more than 52,000 LVHN patients.

What is it called? MyLVHN Spanish

When is it available? Right now.

How does MyLVHN Spanish work?

  • MyLVHN.org: A toggle option appears on the top right side of the page offering Spanish as an option. Click it and text will translate to Spanish.
  • MyLVHN app: Your mobile phone setting for primary language (Spanish) will automatically display most MyLVHN content in Spanish.

Some information will remain in English including medication names, allergies and procedure names.

Do you have a MyLVHN account? Open one today at MyLVHN.org and get to know the story of your health.