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New ENT Specialists Join LVHN

People contending with ear, nose or throat (ENT) problems have two new specialists to help them. Otolaryngologists Chetan Nayak, MD, and Kevin Kriesel, MD, now practice with LVPG Ear, Nose and Throat–17th Street in Allentown. Each brings years of experience and areas of expertise.

Chetan Nayak, MD

Areas of expertise: Head and neck cancer surgery; microvascular reconstruction

Inspiration to become a doctor: I spent time with my uncle who was a physician in India. His interaction with his patients and the care he provided really made an indelible mark on meas a kid.

Why ENT specialty? What really drew me to the field is that ENT is both clinical and surgical. I am able to develop lasting relationships with patients and also get to perform surgical procedures in the head and neck.

Importance of the doctor–patient relationship: My patients can relyon me to “be there” for them throughout their treatment. Wewill work as a team to get them through this tough time and hopefully develop a long and lasting relationship after treatment.

Kevin Kriesel, MD

Areas of expertise: Comprehensive care of general ear, nose and throat disorders. Specific focus areas include hearing restoration surgery, chronic ear disease and advanced sinus surgery.

Inspiration to become a doctor: After serving in the military – I was a tank officer in the Army – I wanted to pursue something different but that had significance to people every day. That’s how I chose medicine.

Why ENT specialty? I chose ENT because it allowed me to have a specific expertise in a certain anatomic area and also offered opportunities to learn very technical surgical skills.

Importance of the doctor–patient relationship: The most rewarding part of my career is interacting with patients and their families. I feel that the doctor–patient relationship is as vital as ever, especially in an age where technology can make medicine feel impersonal.