10:26 AM

New Way to Access LVHN Remotely

LVHN provides colleagues with an opportunity to work remotely. Each department within our health network determines who can and cannot work from home based on each colleague’s job responsibilities. To successfully work remotely, colleagues need to connect to LVHN’s computer network. Currently this process starts by logging into intranet.lvh.com. That method is done through an application called “Pulse Connect Secure.”

Pulse Connect Secure to transition to Citrix NetScaler

When COVID-19 hit, there was an increase in the number of colleagues working remote. To ensure LVHN’s computer network was able to handle this connection, many colleagues were asked to shift to remote in via Citrix NetScaler (remote.lvh.com). This new solution will provide better service and support for our colleagues.

This week, LVHN Technology will begin to transition all colleagues who currently have access to use intranet.lvh.com to remote.lvh.com. When colleagues make this switch, they will no longer have access to intranet.lvh.com. Should they attempt to remote in via intranet.lvh.com, they will receive an “invalid username or password” message.

When will I transition to this new remote application?

LVHN Technology will implement a phased approach to move colleagues over to this new method. Colleagues who are scheduled to transition will receive an email from LVHN Technology informing them of this change and instructions on how to access and set up this application.

Will training be provided?

Formal training will not be provided. Colleagues will receive the following instructions once they transition over (click on the instructions that most relate to your device):

Do I have to re-enroll in multifactor authentication (MFA) for this application?

No. Colleagues who are already enrolled, do not need to re-enroll. Colleagues who are remoting in for the first time will be asked to enroll in MFA during their initial log in.

Will I still have access to my documents and applications?

Yes. Colleagues will still have access to their documents and applications.

Visit the Remote Access intranet page to learn more about how to successfully work remotely. If you have any questions about this implementation, please reach out to the Technology Support Center.