12:13 PM

Our New Patient Surveys are Easier, More Convenient Than Ever

LVPG has a new patient satisfaction program designed to streamline the survey process and further improve your patient experience.

Our number one priority is providing patients like you with the best possible care and experience. Your feedback is extremely important to us, but we know our patients lead busy lives—you need a brief, convenient opportunity to share your experience. Meet our new patient survey: a process built to help us better understand the patient experience through your eyes.

What to Expect

Starting this month, patients who complete an appointment with an LVPG provider may receive a patient satisfaction survey within 24 hours via:

  • Email – Email outreach is the first way we will invite you to participate.
  • Phone – If no response is given to the email, a phone call using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will be sent out 24 hours later.
  • Text – If you are unavailable to respond via telephone, a text message will be sent out 24 hours after the call.

Positive Changes to the Program

Our new survey is brief. Your time is valuable, so we reduced the number of questions. The survey consists of 8 to 12 questions and takes approximately two minutes to complete.

There are three opportunities to participate. We offer a few ways to complete the survey to suit your schedule: you can respond via email, phone call (IVR) or text message. Please note that outreach methods are dependent upon the information you provide at your appointment. If no email is provided, a survey will be sent out via phone (IVR) first.

Faster feedback helps us improve your experience. This is your opportunity to tell us how you’re feeling, in your own words. Research shows that 73 percent of patients prefer to be asked for feedback a few minutes to a few days after their office visit. Should you be selected to participate in a survey, you’ll receive an invite shortly after your appointment. We receive your results immediately in order to act upon your experience in a timely manner, if necessary.

As a result of 63,765 surveys taken last year, our providers have been ranked 4.83 out of 5 stars. Why even have star ratings next to our providers? We share patient satisfaction ratings so you can better understand your care team before you even meet them.

If you receive an email, call or text after your next appointment, we encourage you to take this opportunity to share your experience. To learn more about our new survey program or provider ratings, visit https://www.lvhn.org/about-our-survey