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Pediatric Hospice

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) understands the challenges that arise during times of illness. In the chaos of doctors’ visits and tests, sometimes the best way to help your child is to bring him or her home. LVHN offers at-home pediatric hospice care to comfort and assist both your child and family.

Pediatric hospice nurses agree that trust is the first step in helping a child and family. Our nurses care for four to six children at a time, which encourages more meaningful relationships to form. At-home pediatric hospice patients are given a team of caregiving professionals: a nurse, chaplain, social worker and sometimes an aide. Each household is different, and depending on your family’s needs, your team may be unique. This special team will visit your home multiple times a week and care for your child and family.

Quality of life improvement

Although hospice may seem like the final step, many families still choose to maintain curative treatments like chemotherapy and clinical trials while also benefiting from hospice services. Our certified hospice nurses often feel that children and families dealing with chronic diseases have better outcomes the longer they are a part of the hospice program.

Pediatric hospice is not giving up, but it may be the best choice for your child and family. Many families agree that once their child began hospice, the quality of life for the patient, parents and other siblings improved. Upon beginning pediatric hospice, many children who were once seeing doctors daily often shift their focus to spending quality time on family vacations or participate in charities like Make-A-Wish® or the Lehigh Valley’s Dream Come True.

Unlike adult hospice, most children suffer from one specific disease. Which means, if your child’s symptoms can be managed by his or her doctors, your child may be able to enjoy the remainder of his or her life outside of the hospital.

To learn more about pediatric hospice offered by Lehigh Valley Health Network, please call 888-402-LVHN (5846) or learn more about hospice care at LVHN.org/hospice.