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Pocono Practice Offers Leading-Edge Diabetes Pump

Comprehensive care includes tailored treatments, education and support

Managing diabetes can be complicated. But a new insulin pump system makes it easier to achieve control by automatically adjusting blood sugar levels 24 hours a day. The Medtronic MiniMed™ 670G Insulin Pump System reads glucose levels every five minutes and delivers just the right amount of insulin to avoid blood glucose peaks and valleys that many people with diabetes experience overnight, after eating or with exercise.

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Allison Froehlich, MD

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Round-the-clock regulation

The diabetes team at LVPG Endocrinology–Bartonsville helps patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes decide which treatment options best match their health and lifestyle needs. “MiniMed 670G can very precisely keep blood sugar in the ideal range, which is great for insulin-dependent patients who might not have predictable schedules,” says board-certified endocrinologist Allison Froehlich, MD, with LVPG Endocrinology– Bartonsville.

“This pump has a built-in algorithm that can auto-adjust insulin delivery every five minutes to help optimize time within an ideal glucose range. If you’re doing shift work, going to school, playing sports, or simply want to get better control of your glucose, the automation feature can really reduce the burden of diabetes, by helping avoid highs or dangerous lows.”

Patients using the pump monitor their status and stay connected with their caregivers through Lehigh Valley Health Network’s MyLVHN patient portal and Medtronic’s CareLink diabetes management tool. “The online aspect provides an easy way to detect any changes that require attention,” Froehlich says. “Patients also can give CareLink access to family members so they can be involved, even from afar.”

Complete diabetes care

Beyond insulin pumps, the diabetes team at LVPG Endocrinology–Bartonsville works closely with patients to help them manage blood glucose levels, improve quality of life and reduce long-term complications. “There are many self-care strategies, along with medications and devices that make it possible to control diabetes rather than letting the disease control you,” Froehlich says.

Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)– Poconooffers diabetes management and educational sessions at the hospital’s Endocrinology Department at the Health Center at Bartonsville, as well as through the Helwig Health and Diabetes Center, which has locations at the LVHN Muhlenberg Campus in Bethlehem, as well as the LVHN Cedar Crest Campus in Allentown. Patient care includes insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring sensors, downloadable glucometers, and the latest insulin injection treatments, along with one-on-one diabetic education sessions and diabetes support groups. The Success With Diabetes Self-Management Program at LVH–Pocono helps patients learn skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle. Led by certified diabetes educators, registered nurses and dietitians, participants attend class once a week for four weeks.