15:09 PM

SELECT Graduate Makes LVHN History

Yasir Abunamous, MD, has made LVHN history. He is the first graduate of the USF SELECT program (class of 2015) to complete the full trajectory of his medical education at LVHN – first as a medical student, then as a resident and now as an attending physician.

Originally from Tampa, Abunamous graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He made the decision to join the inaugural class of USF Morsani College of Medicine’s SELECT program – offered in partnership with LVHN – and completed the first two years in Tampa. He first came to Allentown in 2013, not expecting to stay any more than the two years required as a medical student in SELECT. But he and his wife, Sumaya, became enamored with LVHN, and with the family medicine department faculty and leadership in particular. They also found a community and developed personal ties. Thus, at each fork in the road, their decision-making kept leading them to make the choice to stay here.

When asked what is the best part about learning and working at LVHN, Abunamous says, “The beauty is the degree of continuity and alignment of educational objectives. Everything I learned at each stage – as a medical student, then as a resident, and now as an attending – was affirmed and expounded upon at each subsequent stage, creating layer upon layer of reinforcing experiences. My colleagues are a huge source of support. The family medicine department has a unique sense of collegiality.”

Abunamous shares that the best part of the family medicine residency at LVHN is that he had the opportunity to put into practice the principles and values he learned in SELECT, and further, he got to meet and learn directly from thought leaders who contributed to the development of the SELECT program. As an attending, he now considers it a privilege to work alongside those same individuals as colleagues.

As Abunamous reflects on his medical education and training, he recognizes the availability of opportunities SELECT and the family medicine residency opened for him. He feels that SELECT paved an amazing way for students to make contact with high-level leadership and to build long-term relationships with physician coaches.

Abunamous now precepts in the family medicine residency and is slated to begin soon as a preceptor for SELECT students.

To prospective SELECT students, Abunamous says, “I feel very privileged to have been involved in SELECT as a student, and now as an educator. I tell everyone that the value of the SELECT curriculum becomes more apparent with each advancement as a learner – from transitions as simple as shifting clinical teams or rotations, to the more significant leap of formally joining the physician workforce. I use the emotional intelligence concepts nearly every minute of my day, and I lean on the leadership concepts in multiple personal and professional contexts. The health systems information I learned helps me participate in the broader conversations and discussions that occur around me, and helps me navigate within the system more effectively.”

Abunamous is a family physician at LVPG Family Medicine– Macungie and lives in Alburtis with his wife, son and mother.