Lehigh Valley, Pa.,
08:00 AM

Staying in (Safe) Communication with Your Family and LVHN Care Team

Giving you the best possible hospital experience remains LVHN’s top priority during the COVID-19 outbreak. That is why LVHN is introducing new communication tools in our hospitals for patients to use. These tools also protect our patients and health care professionals, help preserve personal protective equipment (PPE), and provide patients and their care team with safe and secure communication options.

Here are the latest ways we're using technology to keep people connected and provide an excellent hospital experience.

Video conferencing capabilities

To help ensure we are following safety precautions and social distancing recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), several video conferencing apps are now installed on the electronic tablet LVHN patients receive, called the MyChart Bedside tablet, to follow their care plan. Patients who have an account with the video conferencing apps on the tablet can schedule a “meeting” with their loved ones using the tablet.

These interactive tablets are assigned to patients on these units:

  • Medical/surgical units

  • Mother-baby unit

  • Prenatal unit

  • Telemetry

Video conferencing with your care team

There is also a secure video conferencing application installed on all MyChart Bedside tablets. The app allows patients and their care team members to meet virtually, limiting face-to-face interactions and helping to prevent the spread of infection. The app also ensures that the information discussed during virtual meetings is safe and protected.

iPhones for FaceTime

iPhones are available for patients who would like to FaceTime their family and friends. These devices are cleaned before and after use to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

LVHN-provided tablets

In addition to MyChart Bedside tablets and iPhones, LVHN also provides tablets for patients who do not have an account with one of the apps available on MyChart Bedside. These tablets allow patients to use LVHN’s video conferencing account to connect with loved ones.

For more information and updates related to coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit LVHN.org/COVID19. For inspiration, encouragement, and ways to get involved in the fight against COVID-19 please visit LVHN.org/COVIDStrong.