12:19 PM

Take a Moment: Thank EMS Providers

Emergency medical services (EMS) responders are an essential part of our communities. Throughout the Lehigh Valley and northeastern Pennsylvania, these trained and certified on-the-scene health care providers initiate a critical sequence of care from the moment they encounter a patient.

EMS responders, including emergency medical technicians and paramedics, ensure that a person who is facing a health emergency is assessed, stabilized and transported to lifesaving care. More often than not, paramedics provide further care en route to the hospital, including intravenous (IV) fluid therapy and trauma management.

Because of their year-round, 24/7 dedication, it is appropriate to recognize the work of our EMS partners and thank them during National EMS Week, May 20 to 26. With eight hospital campuses, LVHN relies on exceptional EMS partners to help us care for people who live in, and travel through, the Poconos, Schuylkill County, the Greater Hazleton area and the Lehigh Valley.

To the 140 EMS squads that serve these regions, we thank you for assuring that emergency care is never more than a phone call away. LVHN is proud to have you as our partner on the front lines of health care and thanks you for your unwavering commitment to answer calls for emergency medical assistance from the people of our communities.