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The Heart and Soul of Hazleton

Home, specifically Hazleton, is where the heart is, especially for Anthony Valente, MD, chief medical officer at Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Hazleton. After graduating from Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey and completing his residency through the Scranton-Temple residency program, Valente came back home in 1991 to practice medicine in the community he loves.

“These are my friends, my neighbors, my family,” Valente says. “They are why I am here.”

No compromise care

It’s his passion for this community that drives Valente’s dedication to bringing quality services and care to his patients. Providing award-winning programs right at LVH–Hazleton means that Valente doesn’t need to choose between his hometown and leading-edge medical care – and neither do his neighbors.

LVH–Hazleton is a certified Primary Stroke Center. Among its most impressive programs are Stroke Alert and award-winning MI Alert programs, which allow health care providers at LVH–Hazleton to quickly identify and assess stroke and heart attack patients and transfer them to a partner hospital when necessary.

Telehealth helps patients receive care right here

Valente says one of the most exciting programs offered by Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) is the telehealth program. “Being part of LVHN, we are able to offer additional patient services that we could not as a small community hospital,” says Valente.

Telehealth uses secure telecommunication technology to collaborate with LVHN specialists located in the Lehigh Valley and beyond to diagnose, monitor and treat patients who remain here in Hazleton. Among the telehealth offerings used in Hazleton are TeleNeurology, TeleBurnSM, TeleStroke, Advanced Intensive Care Unit (AICU) and TeleInfectious Disease.

“Recently, one of my patients came in with a strange set of symptoms,” Valente says. “He had a prolonged fever yet all the normal tests came back negative. Working through LVHN’s telehealth program, we determined that this patient had a rare tick-borne disease, not usually seen on this side of the Mississippi River.”

There’s no place like home

After all, the programs offered by LVH–Hazelton and LVHN resources allow Valente to deliver quality medical care to his hometown.

“I sincerely enjoy taking care of the people here,” he says. “I would not want to be anywhere else.”