17:45 PM

Ultimate Face Mask Face-Off: Who Wears It Best?


Face masks aren’t just an accessory – they’re a necessity in a COVID-19 world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement. As new designs and fashionable face mask fabrics come to the market, you can make this needed face covering part of your ‘look.’

Not only is it stylish to wear a mask these days, it’s haute to wear it right. Here are four insider tips to help you avoid one, or (gasp) more, face mask faux pas:

  • No nose peekaboo – Make sure your face mask covers your nose all the time.

  • Cheek chic – Your face mask is most effective if it fits snugly against your cheeks and face.

  • Loose lips? No. – Remember: Your face mask helps contain virus particles. Keep your mouth under wraps.

  • It’s not a chin guard – Your face mask isn’t living its best life just guarding your chin. The power play is to cover your nose, mouth and chin to guard against coronavirus foul play.

So, in a nod to all that’s fun, fashionable and ferociously effective, we have to ask: Who wears it best?