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New 22 room inpatient oncology unit opens at Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute at Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Cedar Crest.

Watch Video: Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute Opens New Inpatient Oncology Unit in Allentown

Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute will open a new inpatient oncology unit July 28 at Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Cedar Crest campus. This new unit is located on the fifth floor of Kasych Family Pavilion and replaces the inpatient unit on the seventh floor of Pool Pavilion at LVH–Cedar Crest.

The new inpatient oncology unit has 22 private rooms designed with patient safety and comfort in mind.

“This unit is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our oncology population,” says Suresh Nair, MD, Physician in Chief, Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute. “We provide the highest-quality care to our patients, and assuring their comfort and safety are priorities in delivering that care.”

In addition to comfort, safety was also an important factor when it came to designing the unit. Each of the private rooms protects patients from outside germs with positive pressure and HEPA filters in the ceiling. In addition, six rooms have positive pressure to protect the patient and negative pressure to protect both staff and other patients from any aerosolized infections.

Comforts of home

Some of the amenities include:

  • 55-inch TVs with Bluetooth compatibility are in all rooms so that patients can watch Netflix, movies, etc., by using their own cellphones or laptop computer.

  • Smart beds are equipped with chargers for personal electronic devices.

  • Beds have a modern built-in headboard against the wall to create a more “homelike atmosphere.”

  • Each patient room includes a magnetic board for patients to post personal items (cards, pictures, inspirational quotes, etc.).

  • All finishes in the room can be scrubbed to achieve high levels of cleanliness and infection prevention.

Other room features include a computer workstation, private bathrooms with showers that have a foldable chair attached to the wall to offer additional safety and comfort for the patient, and a ceiling lift. One patient room is also lead lined for patients receiving radiation treatment.

Healing environment

A meditation room for patient and colleague use is also available. Nair said the healing benefits of meditation promote a healthy healing environment and workspace. The meditation room offers comfortable seating, dimmable lighting, aromatherapy, white noise and a small TV for guided meditation.

Watch the video tour of the new inpatient oncology unit at LVH–Cedar Crest: