11:47 AM

You are Strong. Let’s Tell Our Stories and Lift Up Others.

These trying times may feel like a test of our strength and resilience. But remember, as an #LVHNProud community we are in this together and we are strong. When we encourage and inspire one another, we accomplish amazing things.

That is why LVHN is introducing new ways for you to connect, encourage one another and stay strong. Here are ways to lift each other up and cascade positivity:

Step 1: Change your social media profile photo.

There’s strength in numbers when we all send the same powerful message: Stay Home, Stay Strong.

Download the above photo for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and add it to your social media accounts to encourage safety and resilience. On the download page, there is an image sized specifically for each channel. Using your computer or mobile device, click or tap the image and you’ll see the social channel in the name of the file.

Change your profile picture


Step 2: Share encouraging stories, photos, videos and inspirational quotes.

Share your stories of encouragement and gratitude on social media using the hashtag #LVHNCOVIDSTRONG or submit your story to us at LVHN.org/stories. For example, make an encouraging sign and then pose for a photo. Or, share an inspirational quote and what it means to you or how it helps you get through trying times. Your words may serve to uplift someone else who needs hope and inspiration.

And if you’d like to thank somebody, please send that along too. Tell us about an act of kindness or heroic effort by a family member or friend.

While these are some examples of the things we’re looking to share, be creative! Think of new ways to communicate a message to our community and each other.

Step 3: Visit LVHN.org/strong.

We are introducing LVHN.org/COVIDSTRONG. It’s for everyone, colleagues and community members. It’s a trusted source for COVID-19 news, health tips and inspirational stories. We are looking for stories from you. Share by submitting photos, videos or stories at LVHN.org/stories. Then, look for your story at LVHN.org/COVIDSTRONG and on LVHN’s social media sites.

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” That’s an inspirational quote from Helen Keller that reminds us just how strong we are as a community. So, let’s come together and show one another that we are not only #LVHNProud, we are also #LVHNCOVIDSTRONG.