Karen Sciascia, DO, Makes Women Feel Less Vulnerable – VIDEO

Karen Sciascia, DO, gives her patients information and advice so they’re in control and can make better decisions about their health. The board-certified gynecologist and robotic surgeon with Lehigh Valley Health Network acknowledges women’s feelings when they’re facing surgery and makes them feel less vulnerable.

“My patients should know and hopefully feel from me that when they walk in the room, they have my undivided attention,” she says. “My knowledge, my thought processes are all there for them at that given moment in time.”

She sees patients at Bethlehem Gynecology Associates.

Get to know her with this video, and hear some wellness tips she shares with patients every day.

Help for Patients Receiving Care for a Brain Tumor

Healthy You Tip Tara MorrisonAs we age, it’s normal to experience changes in memory, strength and coordination. But when severe symptoms come on suddenly, within a few days or weeks, it’s time for your doctor to investigate further. A rapid change in functioning can point to a number of conditions. For a tiny percentage of the population, these symptoms may indicate the presence of a brain tumor.

Getting a brain tumor diagnosis can shake the foundation of your life. But advances in treatment options over the past 10 years offer new help and hope. Having a wide network of support also will help you get through the recovery process.

“It’s really important to ask for, and accept, the physical and emotional support of family, friends, your religious community or anywhere you can find it,” says Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) neuro-oncologist Tara Morrison, MD, with Hematology-Oncology Associates. “Whatever you do, don’t do it alone.” Read More »

New Orthopedic Surgeon Peter Kozicky, MD, Interviewed on Sam Lesante Show

Peter Kozicky on Sam Lesante ShowOrthopedic surgeon Peter Kozicky, MD, likens his medical specialty to being the body’s carpenter. Kozicky is a new addition to the Lehigh Valley Hospital-Hazleton staff, joining Joseph Horton, MD, at the Health & Wellness Center at Hazleton.

Kozicky, who has 30 years’ experience, was a guest this month on The Sam Lesante Show, which airs on SSPTV in Hazleton, Pa.

He specializes in joint replacement but said his team also includes physiatrists, occupational medicine experts and chiropractors.

“If it affects (your) quality of life, we can help you with that,” Kozicky says on the show, adding that surgery isn’t always the answer. “Sometimes they just need a good course of conditioning/therapy. Sometimes an injection will help.”

Get to know Kozicky by watching his interview with Lesante.

Half-Marathon Training Week 18: Prepping for the Race

Matt elevation

That constant upward trend on this graph is a mountain. Make no mistake, that was a pretty hard run to traverse.

It’s finally here. The Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon goes off in less than two weeks. That also means this will be my final post of the series before the race. My colleague Alyssa Young will post next week. Then we’ll both have a post-race wrap-up column to celebrate how we did out there with all of you.

In my last column, I told you that I was going to be running the Run Wild at the Zoo 10K and share my results. At the time, I had hoped to finish with a personal best in that race of at least a few minutes faster than the 51:54 I finished last year. Well, I didn’t finish as fast as I wanted, but I did set a personal course record and bested my time by a whopping three seconds. Okay, so it’s not the best outcome, but it does show some improvement. And make no mistake, it’s a tough race. After the first 2 miles, it’s nothing but mountain.

This week will be a bit lighter than last with a threshold pace run of three 1-mile repeats and a 10-mile long and slow distance run. For the rest of the week, you should string together three or four more easy runs, but don’t push yourself too hard. You have a race coming up.

Looking ahead to race day, there are a few things you need to do in advance to ensure you have a good race. Read More »

Embrace Your Inner ‘Phantom’ – Learn How to Stay Healthy Like Our New Home Team in the New Healthy You Magazine

Healthy You September 2014In a little more than a month, the puck will officially drop for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms at the brand-new PPL Center in downtown Allentown. To celebrate, the September-October issue of Healthy You Magazine offers you tips to stay healthy just like the hockey players who make up the Phantoms.

The latest edition of LVHN’s bimonthly wellness magazine includes 24 pages of helpful tips and information. Read on and learn:

Read More »

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